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A project worthy of a classic watchmaker!

Atelier Guggisberg was commissioned for this project for a world-known watchmaker in Switzerland. The project involved the creation of a closed circuit rail system applied to the ceiling. In order to obtain a result of the highest quality and reliability, the client requested bent curtain rails (curved rail with a specific radius) and special supports, which needed to be handmade by a blacksmith. The design and manufacture was all done in our workshop.

One project, several expertise.

The objective: to visually divide a cafeteria space by curtains, with special care to improve the acoustics of the neighboring conference rooms and offices.

It is clear that a project of this scale requires the intervention of several professionals: a prescriber from Paris, a Swiss architect to help in the integration of the project, and a regional blacksmith and, of course, Atelier Guggisberg for the realization of the project, design, production of the Waves curtains, supply and installation of the tracks and curtains.

In addition, to reduce noise in the rooms, acoustic fabrics were carefully placed on the walls in the form of panels.

How do the acoustic curtains work?

Designed and manufactured with specific materials, curtains with acoustic properties are, as their name suggests, used to control the impact of their environment. The materials used vary in the degree of absorption, but all contribute to creating acoustic barriers, preventing noise from passing from one room to another.

Using the correct combination of fabrics, we can guarantee acoustic curtains which reduce sound transmission by up to 29 dB.

The final layer of this project was to add thick heavy materials to optimize the performance of all other acoustic solutions already installed.

What are the advantages of curtains in acoustic insulation?

The acoustic curtain is a relatively easy and quick solution to implement and can be completely custom-made.

Common places for acoustic installations are places where surrounding noise is particularly disturbing or counterproductive, as in theaters, churches, offices, and cafeterias.

Of course, this type of product can also be installed in a home, where it will not only reduce the transmission of outside sounds and the reverberation of inside sounds, but also :

  • Add an aesthetic touch by dressing the windows;

  • Create, once opened, a very pleasant foreground, even when you have a pleasant view of the lake or the mountains. Indeed, contrary to the "a priori" the curtain does not obstruct the view, but, like a frame, it highlights the second plan;

  • And protect against the light.

Details of the mission.

The mission was broken down into several stages:

First, the implementation of a complete study and calculations to the millimeter by our technicians. The result, composed of execution drawings, plans, DWG, allowed a good fluidity as well during the manufacture of the rail systems as at the time of their installation by our upholsterers-decorators.

In addition, given the configuration of the premises, special supports were specially designed and manufactured by the Atelier Guggisberg for the suspension of curtains. These were made entirely to measure and by hand by our shortpunchers in a semi-transparent "net" type fabric (Kvadrat Rocket)

It goes without saying that in order to achieve a good result, it is essential to select materials and supplies of high quality and durability. Silent Gliss 6100 rails, specially powder-coated in black (RAL 9005), were used.

The whole process was completed quickly and efficiently, in accordance with the site schedule.

A perfectly oiled mechanism.

This project, which required a great deal of expertise (technical design, manufacturing and installation of the tracks, making the curtains and respecting the acoustic requirements), was certainly complex, but. The result is modern, airy, giving a refined and warm atmosphere at the same time.