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  • Lakefront villa on Lake Geneva
This project stands out for several aspects: the landscape, the teamwork and the client's style different choices, which were always very well thought out. A real canvas for creativity. This villa on the shores of Lake Geneva, whose location we do not specify for customer privacy reasons, allowed us to put many of our know-how to work!

How to customize a new home ?

The line above means that we were not renovating or offering our consulting services, but responding to all the requests of the owner and his private architecture. With its unique architecture, this building needed to be transformed into a warm, beautiful and welcoming home.

In which rooms did we work in?

Let's start with the master bedroom. The heart of the house, second only to the kitchen, the master bedroom should be intimate, calm and restful. The occupants must feel comfortable enough to sleep in peace, but also to relax and enjoy reading or other activites.

Ok, so what exactly did we add?

  • A 350 cm (140 in) wide blackout curtain, entirely custom-made, integrated into the woodwork, with integrated light. For more comfort, the curtain and the lighting were integrated into the home automation system (they can be managed by remote control);
  • A custom-made linen headboard;
  • A custom bed frame;
  • Luxurious linen BOX style pillows with embroidered stripes to match the curtains and the chosen bed decor.

How to enhance the feeling of privacy in a bedroom?

There were 2 curtains added. The first one was designed using warm and relaxing colors and the second one was made with a thick black-out lining fabric.

What are the advantages of blackout curtains?

Everyone should be excited to install blackout curtains. Or any other similar type of product, especially designed using thick fabric, to transform any room into a quiet, dark environment. Bedrooms or home theaters, in particular, are ideal candidates for blackout curtains. Like most of the products we offer, blackout curtains can be ordered in solid or patterned designs, printed directly on fabrics called "blackout textiles".

Blackout curtains are especially useful if you have for example a TV room or another space which you need to keep silent. Imagine the possibility of making a room completely dark and watching your favorite movie in conditions worthy of the best cinemas… you can with blackout curtains.

And it’s healthy too!

Blackout curtains not only absorb sound and light, but they also limit the amount of UV rays that could damage furniture or floors with sun stains or fading. Therefore, blackout curtains have an indisputable quality-price ratio!