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Lorsqu'un architecte est mandaté pour la conception d'un rideau extérieur à Lausanne , le projet va sans aucun doute sortir des sentiers battus. Pour sa réussite du début à la fin, aucun détail ne doit être laissé au hasard, y compris lorsqu'il s'agit de choisir l'entreprise qui va participer à la création d'un tel équipement extérieur. Atelier Guggisberg a été sélectionné pour la qualité de ses produits, son expertise et sa capacité à proposer puis mettre en œuvre des idées inédites.

What is the purpose of exterior curtains?

Traditionally, we install shutters, fabric curtains or blinds on windows to add privacy or protect the house – yes – but we do so from the inside. However, in this unprecedented project, the idea was to add privacy and to protect the glass with curtains hanging OUTSIDE.

The project entrusted to Atelier Guggisberg had to answer three main questions:

  • Type of fabric to use;

  • Le type de rail à installer ;

And finally, an installation that is designed to be easily supported by the structure .

The fabric we used for outdoor curtains in Lausanne

How did you choose the fabric? As these are outdoor curtains, it had to be resistant to different kinds of weather. Lausanne can have cold winters (between -1 ° C and +4 ° C) and relatively hot summers, with peaks of over 30 ° C. Plus it’s not uncommon to have very windy days with an icy breeze coming from the Eastern European plains.

As a result, we selected a plain colored fabric from the well-known brand "Sunbrella", recognized among professionals as a high performance material for indoor and outdoor furnishings. The outcome was a durable and resistant product, “at home” with all temperatures!

Final touches and tricks:

In order for the outdoor curtains to remain relatively stable during gusts of wind, they were simply weighted down.

The rail to support the outside curtains

Another challenge was the construction of the rails (or track) for the outdoor curtains, which was skillfully created by Atelier Guggisberg in collaboration with a local professional blacksmith.

The hook system was also developed in-house and connected to the curtains by reinforced holes added by our sewing team.

A unique team for a unique project!

This project of exterior curtains in Lausanne has marked the minds of us at Atelier Guggisberg, and opened the doors for other similar projects, which we are proud to support. It was a coordinated effort between several trades:

  • An architect;
  • Atelier Guggisberg – a specialist in confection and upholstery;
  • A local blacksmith;
  • Our sewing team.

All this know-how put together to create an amazing and beautiful result! A happy client, and custom outdoor curtains that stand out (in a very positively sense) while still being very effective and useful in its application.

Crédit photo: Olivier Di Giambattista, La Madeleine Architectes 

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